We are victorious!
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We are victorious!

We are victorious roleplay! Based on the hit Nickelodeon Tv show, Victorious.
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 West, Jade Example

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Jade West

Jade West

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West, Jade Example Empty
PostSubject: West, Jade Example   West, Jade Example EmptySun Nov 07, 2010 3:30 am

Here I am

West, Jade Example D

Once again

Your Name:Zoe

Your Age: 16

Your Experience:1 year and 1/2

Feeling lost but now and then

Character Name:Jadelyn "Jade" August West

Character Age:October 23, 1993 (age 16)

Character Race:Human

Character Sexuality:Straight

Character Occupation:None

I breath it in

Character Appearance!


Hair:Dark brown with highlights

Skin Tone:White



Play By:Elizabeth Gillies

To let it go

Personality:Not quite goth, not exactly emo, Jade has a dark personality and thinks that anyone outside of her group of friends stinks. She is totally devoted to her boyfriend, Beck. Jade worked really hard to get into Hollywood Arts, so she looks down on Tori because she thinks she got in too easily.

Family:Jody West (Mother) James West (Father) Kenny West (Brother) Kaylee Donovan (Sister) Anna Lee Donovan (Niece)

And you don't know where you are now

Rp Sample: You all know what I can do Wink

Or what it will come to

This App was made by your loving admin Zoe xx

If only somebody could hear
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West, Jade Example
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