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We are victorious roleplay! Based on the hit Nickelodeon Tv show, Victorious.
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 my profile life

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PostSubject: my profile life   my profile life EmptyTue Feb 28, 2012 8:48 am

Here I am

Once again

Your Name: Annmarie Wray:D

Your Age: 19 Years Old:D

Your Experience: Performing Arts at Hull College and doing Threatre work at Hull New Truck Threatre , i am currently doing my own cd called Tradegy Affair wont be realeased out not until i have gotten my songs on cd, i write my very own songs, I do Singing and Acting:shock:

Feeling lost but now and then

Character Name: In Hull College i was Peter Quince and a Fairy lol in Grimsby Institue Further and Higher Education i was A posh married mother to a son what did vilonce also part as a gansta , i might be doing threatre work at Hull New Truck in Hull doing a performance which its due to Hull Fair Shocked

Character Age: Peter Quince = in his 30s , married mother = in her 20s , gansta in her teens and for Hull Truck i dont know yet still waiting on a message from the manger Very Happy Shocked

Character Race: Peter Quince = Leading role of a performance , Married mother = white english , Gansta = all different type
Shocked Very Happy
Character Sexuality: Peter Quince = striaght , married mother = straight , gansta = straight:D

Character Occupation: Peter Quince = Leading role of a performance , married mother = mothering and wife and gansta crime drugs sex:shock: Very Happy queen

I breath it in

Character Appearance! Peter Quince in a tuck , married mother in a posh dressed rich mother and gansta trackies:D

Eyes: blue

Hair: Peter Quince = brown , married mother = blonde and gansta blonde
Very Happy
Skin Tone: all white

Height: Peter Quince=5ft9 , married mother 5ft4 and gansta 5ft6
Very Happy
Weight: my weight now

Play By: none other than Annmarie Wray

To let it go

Personality:bossy , posh, attudite

History: performing

Family:mother dad brother and 3 sisters but 2 of my sisters passed away😢

And you don't know where you are now

Rp Sample:

Or what it will come to

This App was made by your loving admin Zoe xx

If only somebody could hear

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my profile life
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